Wrong fuel in the car


Wrong Fuel in the Car

Welcome to the Auto Assist Blog, in this blog I will talk about issues regarding wrong fuel in the car. If you would like further information please contact us by clicking here. we hope this blog helps you or if you need our expertise please call 0333 060 3944

Wrong Fuel

Known as misfuelling, putting the wrong fuel in the car is easy to do. However, it’s virtually impossible to put diesel in the petrol-engine car. Putting petrol into a diesel car does far more harm than the other way around.

In some cars, just turning on the ignition primes the fuel pump; therefore, the damage begins before the engine is running.

Whatever you do, don’t drive your car. Any professional misfuelling service should be able to pump the petrol out of your car. The good companies will flush it through and get you on your way. With little in the way of lasting damage.

Avoid the companies that are charging 99 pounds and try to upsell their services. We have found that many such firms do not carry the right equipment and, in the end, as the French proverb says “You buy cheaply, you pay dearly”.

We had a customer from Watford call our call centre. I would like to share his experience to help others from making the same mistake.  He initially called us and we advised a full flush and fuel system clean but he decided to go for the 99-pound quote he had prior to calling us.

As a result of just having his tank drained, his engine failed some days later.

Our engineer found that the poor advice he received from a firm willing to do the job much cheaper, resulted in the car engine failing. 

We recovered his car to one of our nationwide service centres and our expert technicians were able to resolve the problem without replacing his engine, therefore, saving him the cost of a new engine.

Prevention is always better

We always advise our customers that a simple, cheap solution to avoid misfueling, is to create a named label ‘diesel’ to place on your fuel cap and inside the fuel filler flap.

It has been reported in the mainstream media that in 2017 150,000 British drivers made the costly blunder of putting the wrong fuel in their car leaving them with repair bills of up to £3,000[1].

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[1] https://www.thesun.co.uk/motors/5265924/the-3000-misfueling-mistake-150000-brits-make-every-year-and-the-40-gadget-thatll-stop-you-wrecking-your-car[


Wrong fuel in the car

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