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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains how we collect and use the personal information you give us, as well as the information we collect from other sources.  We will notify you of any significant changes to how your personal information is used, but also recommend that you review the contents of our privacy policy regularly.

  1. Who we are
  2. The personal information we collect
  3. Additional information we process
  4. Methods of payment and payment history
  5. Contact and device information
  6. Third-party information
  7. How we use your personal information
  8. Who your information may be shared with
  9. How long your information is kept
  10. Where your information is kept
  11. Your information rights
  12. You have a right to
  13. Your right to lodge a complaint
  14. Marketing
  15. Contact Us
  1. Who we are

In this Privacy Notice, “we”, “us” and “our” refer to Auto Assist Holdings Ltd, Company number 09821145 registered office address is, 111 New Union Street Coventry, CV1 2NT

This privacy policy applies to:

The Auto Assist Group websites and webpages linking to this policy

When you contact us by email, telephone, or by post

When you post content or contact us through Social Media

When you purchase products and services at the roadside or through our Direct Sales Agents.


  1. The personal information we collect

The personal information you provide us

Additional information we process when you engage with one of our products or services

Special types of personal information

Contact and device information

Third party information

Personal Information you provide to us

This personal information is typically provided directly by you when you apply for, or receive a quotation for one of our products or services.

Information will also be collected in relation to any other additional members or beneficiaries of your product or service. Please ensure that any beneficiaries are made aware of this privacy notice and please ensure you obtain their permission before providing their information.

Your details including your title, name, home address, email address and telephone contact details (including home and mobile telephone numbers)

Date of birth, age, or age range

Financial information including bank details, payment card information

Vehicle details make, model and vehicle registration number

  1. Additional information we process

We will also collect information indirectly when you apply for, or purchase one of our products and services, and where you make a claim or request for service, for example when we provide DPF assistance.

Roadside attendances and breakdown information including time and date information, where you were located and category of service request, together with any additional parts purchased

Vehicle history vehicles linked to products and services, previous, fault diagnosis and history, information about replacement parts

Information about products and services you have purchased across the Auto Assist Group of companies, whether or not you completed the purchase, how you applied for the product or service – this information will be amalgamated.

  1. Methods of payment and payment history

Records of sent direct marketing and service communications including the method of contact, a record of the content and other information.

  1. Contact and device information

Some of the information we collect will be obtained during the course of your interactions with us, for example through the devices you use or when you contact us, including:

Device Information including details about the device you use to access our web services, such as the IMEI number of your mobile telephone.

Location data when you use our mobile app and have allowed access to location services or the collection of the IP address of the computer you are using to view our website.

Web use data from the use of cookies and similar technologies. More information about the types of cookies we use and how they work can be found in our cookie policy.

Telephone conversations and communication by email, post and social media are recorded for training, monitoring and analysis purposes and may also be used to investigate and analyse any queries or concerns you raise with us.

Social media information obtained if you access our website through a third-party connection or log-in, for example, through Facebook Connect, by “following,” or “liking”. This information could include; the user ID associated with your account, information you have permitted the third party to share with us, and any information you have made public in connection with that service. You should always review, and if necessary, adjust your privacy settings on third-party websites and services before linking or connecting them to our services.


  1. Third-party information

The types of third parties and information we collect from them are:

Third-party intermediaries, brokers and third parties who are authorised to introduce or sell our products and services who provide the information necessary to process any applications or requests for products or services you make to us.

Insurance intermediary data this includes information provided when you engage with a product and service administered by a third party insurance intermediary authorised by us to sell an insurance product, including quote data. Information provided includes policy information such as contact details, financial information including premium amount, payment methods and vehicle information.

Financial services providers if your card details have changed, financial information will be updated from information provided directly from your card provider.

Data licenced from other third parties this may include personal or aggregated information such as demographic data and publically available information used to help us improve our products and services or information used to identify products and services that we believe you may be interested in, third party data may also be used to recover debts owed to us.

Vehicle data obtained under licence from agencies such as the DVLA.

  1. How we use your personal information

Here you can find out more about how your information is used, as well as the legal basis we rely on to ensure your personal information is always processed fairly and lawfully.

How we use your information for the performance of your contract with us to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations processing necessary for our legitimate business interests where you give us your consent to provide you with a quotation or price and to make you aware of the terms and conditions of the product or service, by emailing you our disclaimers and T&C.                                                          

The provision of your product or service and issue policy documentation during the life of your product or service.                                   

Sharing information with other Auto Assist Group companies necessary for the performance of your contract such as subcontractors we use for Fuel Assist etc.                                                     

To receive payment of fees and premiums or to provide any reimbursement                                                       

To uphold your data protection rights under the GDPR                                                               

Processing or disclosing your information where the law requires us to do so                                                       

To improve our products and services through the processing of market intelligence including testing, reporting, analysis and identification of improvements in products and processes                                        

For internal business processes and operations, including quality assurance, governance, accountancy, management and audit practices                                                                

Use of cookies to monitor the use of our website and for optimisation of user experience at device level     

To develop risk acceptance criteria, developing our pricing models and calculating policy renewal quotations processing which may involve profiling and automated decision making                                                                

To recover debts owed to us, including where necessary obtaining contact information from third parties

Where you have given us permission to collect or share certain personal information                                        


  1. Who your information may be shared with

To administer and provide Auto Assist Group products and services we will share your information with:

Other companies within the Auto Assist Group group, including:

  1. DPF Assist
  2. Fuel Assist
  3. Turbo Assist
  4. AdBlue Assist
  5. Xpart

Third parties instructed by us to provide services and products on our behalf, such as:

Providers of IT services for web site administration and management of our internal systems

Territorial contractors who provide services during busy periods

Subcontractors and other specialists who help us provide products and services

Organisations that specialise in marketing services or market research 

Parts and equipment providers to help us repair your vehicle when needed

Hire car providers and onward travel and accommodation specialists if you benefit from additional product provisions

If the Auto Assist business is sold or integrated with another business, we may need to disclose your personal information to our advisers and any prospective purchasers and their advisers and such personal information will be passed on to the new owners of the business.

  1. How long your information is kept

We will keep your information for as long as is necessary to provide the services or products you have requested, for our own legitimate interests and to meet our statutory obligations.  Your information will always be kept in accordance with internal retention policies.

If you cancel any of your services it will be necessary for us to retain your personal information for internal reporting and record-keeping and in line with any legal or regulatory requirements. This period of retention is usually 7 years. In any situation where the retention period is longer, we will inform you of this.

  1. Where your information is kept

The Auto Assist Group is a UK based business providing services and your personal information is managed on our administration systems and databases.

We may share your information with organisations where it is absolutely necessary to enable us to provide you with the services that you have purchased from us.

  1. Your information rights

You have a number of rights in relation to your personal information that you can choose to exercise at any time.  We have provided a basic overview of those rights below, but if you’d like to find out more, or exercise any of these rights, you can visit our dedicated website here.

Alternatively, please contact us using the Contact us details as shown at the bottom of this notice.

  1. You have a right to:

Access information we process about you, to obtain a copy of the information as well as receive other supplementary information.

Object to us using particular information, or using it in a particular way.  You can let us know that you object to it and we will consider whether we can grant your request.  Your right to object to receiving direct marketing material is as set out in the Marketing section of this privacy policy.

Rectify inaccurate information, you can do this simply by getting in touch using the Contact us details as shown at the bottom of this notice.

Erase your information if we no longer have a lawful basis for processing it.

Port data to another data controller or to yourself in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format.

  1. Your right to lodge a complaint

If you are concerned about the manner in which we process your personal information you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (‘the ICO’).  The ICO anticipates that you will raise your concern with us in the first instance. For further information please go to or call the ICO helpline on 0303 123 1113.

  1. Marketing

We will use your personal information to inform you about other Auto Assist Group products and services as described in this Privacy Policy. 

Profiling is the use of information which enables us to predict your likely product preferences. We may overlay information we process about you with information obtained from third parties, for example, demographic information to make our marketing campaigns and selections more efficient. Any use of third party information will be subject to appropriate controls.

We will use email, telephone, SMS, post and social media i.e. Facebook or Google to inform you about these products and services.

You have the right to ask us not to use your personal information this way at any time. If you would prefer not to receive this information from us and have not previously advised us of this, please let us know using any of the methods detailed below;

By telephone when you call our customer contact centre on – 0330 162 1143

Sending us an email at –

  1. Contact Us

If you have a query or complaint about how we use your personal information, or if you would like to exercise any of your rights, then please contact us in the first instance.

By Email:

By Phone: 0330 162 1143

By Post: 111 New Union Street, Coventry, CV1 2NT

You are entitled to contact and escalate any complaints in relation to how we use and process your personal information to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), however, we recommend getting in touch with us first to try and resolve any issues you may have.