Ford Transit, Adblue Wrong Fuel

Ford Transit,

Ford Transit AdBlue Diesel mix-up, contamination wrong fuel …. We solved it at a fraction of the price when compared to the main dealer.

Ford Transit AdBlue Wrong Fuel Problems
Today at the office I had a call from a distressed fleet manager, the problem was that his temp driver placed AdBlue into the fuel tank – daft you might think, how’s it even possible? Well, it’s happened and the fleet operator is pulling out his hair searching for a solution for Ford Transit AdBlue wrong fuel problems.
The problem is that initial draining of the tank may leave sufficient AdBlue behind to cause further symptoms and being a workhorse, the fleet manager did not want to take the risk.  Because Diesel lubricates the fuel system and due to incredibly fine tolerances, AdBlue, water, petrol can lead to premature failures, my first suggestion was that we would have to check the diesel pump and injectors. Common issues that occur once this happen

Common Issues that occur once this happens:     

 Non-start of the vehicle (some cases immediately)

 Vehicle starts and cuts out after 30-60 seconds

 Vehicle smokes and hesitates under load after 500ml-1000ml enters the fuel system

 AdBlue crystallization around fuel tank cap (white flake type particles)

Often we find the following fault codes:

 P1564 – reduced fuelling mode

 P1664- fuel pump malfunction

 P00bb- injector-insufficient flow detected, forced limited power mode

 P0087- fuel rail/system pressure too low

 P008a low-pressure fuel system

 P00ba fuel pressure low- forced limited power mode 

Solution for Ford Transit AdBlue wrong fuel problems:

The complete drain of the fuel tank, followed by a complete flush of fuel lines, replace fuel filter then connect and run power machine clean for 45 mins to remove crystallization, check fuel sample till runs clear, Add advanced formula diesel treatment to tank After 1000 miles add advanced formula diesel treatment and continue driving as normal – Problem Solved you contact us by clicking here


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Ford Transit, Adblue Wrong Fuel