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How Fleet Assist Saved Motorbitz Ltd 25% on Repair Costs and 12% On Fuel Savings, by managing their Fleet Of 60 Vehicles.

Martin Burton from Motorbitz explains that effectively managing a fleet of ageing vehicles, is no easy task.

There are many considerations and challenges to contend with, especially in the midst of financial pressures. Martin explains, we have a fleet of 60 vans that were always in use, due to us providing an on-demand service. So you can imagine the strain the fleet was under, in particular, the fuel and maintenance costs, that this type of business faces.However, with an ageing fleet, our maintenance and fuel economy was slipping and the pressure was mounting on reducing costs. Obviously, the easiest way to manage costs would be to replace the fleet, this was not an option as the costs in doing outweighed the return on investment.Fleet Assist and I had a discussion, which quickly identified two key areas that were our biggest costs and how to bring them down – namely fuel consumption and maintenance. The end results were Fleet Assist saved Motorbitz 25% on repair costs and 12% on fuel costs. Without the support of Fleet Assist, we would have had spiralling costs and eventually replaced the fleet sooner than later. However, the costs were well managed and it became financially viable to continue with the fleet.

Saving Fleet Costs….

Fleet Servicing:

Our operational model enables us to offer a national mobile and garage service, depending on your preference. To ensure that your fleet is maintained at the most competitive prices.The secret of our success in offering fleet servicing is partly down to our partnership with Xpart. Xpart have the global reach to source OE certified components and in return bring down the maintenance costs for you.In the case with Motorbitz, we stocked fast-moving products such as brake pads and discs that were 25% less expensive than any competitor could offer. Depending on your fleet needs, we can source and stock the parts for you. So when you need them we have them at the lowest market prices and no downtime is experienced.

Fleet Assist DPF Complimentary Fleet Check:

Why not take advantage of our no-obligation free DPF check?We have found many fleet operators are simply unaware of the common problem that carbon builds up over time. This leads to an increase in fuel consumption.Our complimentary no-obligation report will show you how you can save on your fuel consumption. The comprehensive report we provide you is indeed the gold standard of a successful fleet maintenance plan.

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