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Diesel Particulate Filter Removal (DPF) Blog

Welcome to the Auto Assist Blog, in this blog I will talk about issues that have caused many motorist confusions with Diesel Particulate Filter Removal. Thousands of motorists are breaking the law by driving diesel cars by removing the Diesel Particulate Filter. If you would like further information please contact us by clicking here. we hope this blog helps you or if you need our expertise please call 03300100411.

Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency records show that 1,800 cars do not have DPF’ s since 2014. But experts say they believe the number is much higher.

All-new diesel cars produced after 2009 have diesel particulate filters designed to reduce pollution levels, but they can sometimes block up and break down, costing thousands of pounds to replace.

Because of the cost involved, some motorists are opting instead to have them removed. Here are some common questions asked:


Can I Remove my diesel particulate filter?

You may remove the DPF, however if the MOT inspector checks i.e. visual check the vehicle will fail. MOT testers are required to check if the car’s DPF has been taken off or tampered with. If it has, the tester must refuse to test the car unless the owner can provide a “legitimate” reason.  More importantly, it is illegal to drive a car that has had the DPF removed or the ECU remapped.

DPF Regeneration Cost?

When a DPF reaches 90% or 45 grams full. The DPF will be beyond regeneration and will require professional-grade cleaning or replacement. Depending on your vehicle make and model. A failed Diesel Particulate Filter can cost upwards of 190 for a professional-grade clean or £1000 plus to replace.

DPF Cleaning Methods

We have tested various methods and products to clean the DPF. We found that when the DPF has been taken off the possibility of cracking the DPF is very likely in addition to the downtime.

The best method in our view is to work with mobile solutions. In my experience stay away from potassium-based crystal cleaners. Stick with the potent 1ltr flush chemicals that are pushed through via compressed air regulated machines.

We found these cleans tend to have the best results both short term and long term.

The Auto Assist group have consulted chemists and tested nearly all professional-grade cleaning chemicals that are available to the UK and European market. We have now come up with a proven formula that we believe is the best on the market.

What Is DPF Remap?

This is an illegal operation that will result in failing the MOT and causing harm to our environment.

What are the signs of a blocked DPF?

The main and most obvious sign that you have a problem will be that the DPF warning light will illuminate on your dashboard, to warn you that it will need regenerating.  If the DPF light is accompanied by the engine management light, the situation may have already progressed to a more serious problem.

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Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Removel? Blog