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AdBlue In Diesel 

AdBlue Assist has seen an increasing number of issues with AdBlue® over the last few years. Our industry tips below are to benefit the reader and hopefully, save them unexpected repair bills. AdBlue in Diesel!

AdBlue® Problems:

AdBlue® is a sensitive chemical If AdBlue® becomes contaminated through poor storage and handling procedures, then it could cause many issues such as your vehicle is underperforming. These issues include limp mode and operating illegally due to emissions. Furthermore, contaminated AdBlue® will damage the SCR System and in doing so invalidate any manufacturer warranty. This could also impact any claims relating to damage to the vehicle’s exhaust injection system,  including turbos, pumps, EGR valves or catalyst. The main call we tend to get is the Help …I’ve put AdBlue in Diesel tank!

How AdBlue® Assist Can Help You

At AdBlue® Assist, our specialist team can help with this ever-growing problem of contamination, such as AdBlue in Diesel tank.

The first step… is to perform diagnostic testing to understand the extent of the problem.

Using proprietary methods and specially formulated treatments designed to remove AdBlue contamination. With over 125 years of combined knowledge. We can deal with any AdBlue contamination issue. At the roadside or at our national Garage Assist network of workshops.


Why Pick Us?

Having dealt with over 38,000 successful contamination treatments since 2009. Auto Assist Group have deployed a nation-wide specialist fleet to solve AdBlue contamination issues.  This enables us to respond within minutes and give you peace of mind instantly.

Making us the best choice for your AdBlue® related problems. Unlike other types of contamination, if AdBlue contamination is not dealt with correctly straight away, it can have lasting effects that could cause engine damage.

With our specialist equipment and our extensive knowledge of AdBlue® and fuel systems, we can deal with all types of AdBlue contamination issues no matter where they occur, and dispose of the contaminated fuel safely.

AdBlue In Diesel Tank?

If your Diesel tank has become contaminated i.e. Adblue in Diesel, our national reach means we can have you back on the road in no time. With our dedicated team and wealth of knowledge, we will physically remove the tank at one of our national Garage Assist Networks, fully drain and remove the contamination.

To avoid contamination, only use AdBlue® marked products. Packaged AdBlue® product such as cans, drums and IBCs that fleet operators receive from AdBlue®.

If contamination has taken place i.e. mixing diesel or even water or other contamination such as fuel, oil, grease, dust, dirt, metal or detergent. In many cases, this leads to crystallisation such as the image below. If this is the case or you have other AdBlue® related issues please get in touch with us for more information on how we can help you.

Remember Only buy AdBlue® from a licensee of the AdBlue®. You can find a list of licensed AdBlue® suppliers by going to the VDA website:

Contaminated AdBlue

Our top tips on how to avoid AdBlue® problems:

Do not purchase AdBlue® or any other SCR solution from a supplier that is not a registered licensee of the VDA.

Do not buy a product claiming to be AdBlue, but calling itself “Urea solution” or similar. If it doesn’t say AdBlue® on the packaging, it’s not AdBlue®, it’s an inferior product that could cause major issues.

Do not use fuel or lubricants equipment such as funnels, jugs or containers, for AdBlue® for storage or dispensing as it will contaminate your AdBlue.

Do not use AdBlue® as a diesel additive. To many, It is a common misconception that it is a fuel additive, so never add AdBlue® directly into the fuel tank. If AdBlue® is mistakenly added, do not start the engine and call us for further advise. We have seen this done many times.

Do not have your ECU reprogrammed or it will not pass the MOT.

About Auto Assist Group

From large multinational blue-chip companies to small independent business right down to the end-user we understand your needs. With a nationwide service, powered by Xpart, a global buying force that sets us apart from the rest, so whether you use AdBlue Assist, DPF Assist Fuel Assist, or Garage Assist, our sole aim is to exceed customer expectations. Established since 2009, we have earned a well-deserved reputation for outstanding technical know-how, service and value. If you would like more information or would like to book in your car please call our call 03300100411.

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AdBlue In Diesel Blog